Published: 2023-10-09

Utilization of Modified Clay as a Low-cost Adsorbent for Landfill Leachate Treatment

Matin Hajjizadeh, Hossein Ganjidoust, Shahriar Ghammamy, Forough Farsad (Author)


Prevalence of Medicinal Herbs Use during Pregnancy in the World: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Fatemeh Heydarpour, Sousan Heydarpour, Fatemeh Dehghan, Masoud Mohammadi, Mohammad Hosein Farzaei (Author)


Production of Methane from Banana Peels by Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion

Fatima Ebich, Rachida Hassikou, Hassan El Bari, Azzouz Essamri, Rajaa Layachi (Author)


Consequence Modeling of a Rupture of Methyl Diethanolamine (MDEA) Storage Spherical Tank (Catastrophic Rupture Scenario)

Mojtaba Khorani, Mohsen Mansouri, Seyyed Hossein Hosseini, Naimeh Setarehshenas (Author)


Concentration and Risk Assessment of Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead in Husked and De-husked Rice Samples from Niger and Kebbi States, Nigeria

Hadiza Lami Muhammad, Jeremoth Kotsu Adama, Adamu Yusuf Kabiru, Adil El Yahyaoui, Sami Darkaoui, Youssef Maazouzi, Hussaini Anthony Makun (Author)


Edible Utilization of Xanthan- guar Oleogels as a Shortening Replacement in Sponge Cake: Physicochemical Properties

Mohammad Noshad, Mohammad Hojjati, Mina Hassanzadeh, Reza Zadeh-dabbagh, Marjan HosseinKhani (Author)


Salinity Effect on Important Components of Portulaca olearcea L.

Durgham K. TaJ-ALdeen, Batool H. Al-Adily (Author)


Ethanol Consumption Promotes TNF-α Signaling Pathway in Rat Kidney: Rescue Effect of Curcumin

Amin Abdollahzade Fard, Mahrokh Samadi, Alireza Shirpoor, Yousef Rasmi (Author)


The Nitrate Content of Commonly Consumed Agricultural Products Including Vegetables, Cereals, and Legumes in Iran

Behrooz Jannat, Sara Mohamadi, Narges Abdoli, Tayebe Zeinali, Parisa Sadighara (Author)


Frequency of Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anemia among Hemophilia Children in Babylon Hereditary Blood Disease Center /Iraq

Ahmed Shemran Mutlaq Al-Wataify, Hussain Naji Al-Shammary, Amna Ganem Abdul-hussain, Qasim Fakher Alhussainy (Author)


The Neurotoxic Impact of Formulated Pyrethroid Insecticide on the Substantia Nigra of Adult Wistar Rat

Princewill Sopuluchukwu udodi, Edwin Ifeanyichukwu NNADI, Damian Nnabuihe Ezejindu, Emeka Christian OKAFOR, Ifechukwu Justicia Obiesie, Charles A. Oyinbo, Darlington Cyprain Akukwu, Godwin Chinedu Uloneme (Author)