Published: 2023-10-09

Role of A2-adrenoceptors in Rat Heart with the Model of Myocardial Infarction

Anna Mihailovna Kuptsova, Roman Kutdusovich Bugrov, Insaf Ilkhamovich Khabibrakhmano, Roman Sergeevich Kobzarev, Nafisa Ilgizovna Ziyatdinova, Timur Lvovich Zefirov (Author)


Ecological Risk Assessment and Pollution Models of Trace Metal Concentrations in Road Dust in parts of Enugu, Southeastern Nigeria

Chigozie Bright Ichu, Jushua Ifeanyichukwu Ume, Alexander Iheanyichukwu Opara, Francis Chizoruo Ibe (Author)


Assessment of Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress among Patients with Lymphoma

Hosnie Hoseini, Parichehreh Yaghmaei, Gholamrezagh Bahari, Saeed Aminzadeh (Author)


Subchronic Toxicity of a Terbufos-based Pesticide (Counter 15FC) in Adult Male Rats

Danielle Zali Chedjeu, Faustin Pascal Manfo Tsague, Edouard Akono Nantia, Denis Zofou, Jules Clement Nguedia Assob (Author)


Examining the Existence of Synthetic Dyes in the Nuts Offered in Marivan County, West of Iran

Bakhtiar Heydarzade, Peyman Jajarbeygi, Razzagh Mahmoudi, Ali Mehrabi, Fatemeh Jalilvand, Hatam Ebrahimi (Author)


The Effect of the Unpleasant Odor of Gohar Rood River in Rasht on the Quality of Life of Human Communities

Azadeh Mohammadi golrang, Fatemeh Shariati, Shahab Shariati, Mehdi Assmar (Author)


Analysis of the Chemical Reactivity of Limonene by the Functional Density Theory Method Using Global Descriptors

Hayat EL Ouafy, Tarik EL Ouafy, Mustapha Oubenali, Aziz EL Haimouti, Ahmed Gamouh, Mohamed Mbarki (Author)


Estimation of some Trace Metals in Water, Sediments and Two Species of Aquatic Plants in the Al-Garaf River at Al-Rafa District- Southern Iraq

Ihsan Hameed Khudhair, Israa Ibrihem Lazim, Neran adnan Al Naqeeb, Afrah Abid Maktoof (Author)