Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) Seed Extract on Oxidative Stability of Olive Oil

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Sh. Chang, A. Bassiri, H. Jalali


Lipid oxidation has adverse effect on food deterioration and human health. The antioxidant activityof fennel seed extracts (FSE) was evaluated by synthetic antioxidant. Its oxidative stability was compared inolive oils in concentrations of BHA (75 ppm), BHT(75 ppm) and 1:1 BHA to BHT ratio. Peroxide (PV), Panisidine(AV) and TOTOX values were evaluated to assess the extent of oil deterioration. During 28 days ofstorage, a compromise was accomplished based on the results assessed by PV, TOTOX, at which theantioxidant activity of FSE was higher than BHA (75 ppm), BHT (75 ppm) and BHA to BHT ratio of 1:1 at theconcentration of 150 ppm. Among them, concentration of 150 ppm showed the best antioxidant activity. Theresults of present experiments suggest that FSE has potential source of natural antioxidant for the application infood industry to prevent lipid oxidation.

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