Investigation of the Effects of Rosemary Extract on Barrier and Colorimetric Properties of Mungbean Starch Films

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H. Safari Maznabi, A. Mohammadi Nafchi


Barrier properties are one of the most important factors in the edible film. In this study, edible mungbean films were prepared containing (0%, 15%, 30%, 45%) concentrations of rosemary aqueous extract. Then the effect of rosemary was investigated on colorimetric and barrier properties (water vapor permeability, oxygen permeability). Rosemary extract increased the absorption of color in the visible region, which in turn led to increase of the parameters a (index color tends toward green) and b (index color tends towards yellow). The results showed that increasing concentrations of rosemary extract have a significant effect( p <0.05) to reduce the amount of oxygen and water vapor permeability. Also turbidity of mungbean starch was increased with increasing concentrations of rosemary in the film. Improving barrier properties and the colorimetric properties were showed by rosemary extract compounds that these materials can use as the safety of food and pharmaceutical packaging industry.

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