The Study of the Effectiveness of a Mixture of Arnebia Euochroma and Gum Extract in Animal Oils and Comparing It with Honey in Diabetic Foot Ulcer

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Ali Sharifi, Elham Shafiei, Morteza Hoseinzadeh


One of the most important causes of disability in diabetic patients is diabetic foot ulcers. Native use of medicinal herbs may significantly affect the wound healing process. In this study, a mixture of Arnebia euochroma extracts and essential oil of Pistacia Atlantica in animal oil used for healing diabetic wounds was compared with natural honey. Thirty male Wistar rats weighing 250 g became diabetic. Wounds of equal size were created in their back area and the wound was dressed with a mixture of Arnebia euochroma and essential oil of Pistacia Atlantica in animal oil. Afterward, their recovery process was photographed daily. Finally, when we saw evidence of rats' wound healing; we killed rats and searched tissue granulation and epithelialization process. The study results showed that Arnebia euochroma and gum mixture at a concentration of 5% of animal oils was more effective compared to honey. Local and regional experiences can be a good source to access pharmaceutical products and services for patients, a scientific reason for this study. We found a more effective ointment for wound dressing. It can help diabetic patients. The oral forms of these plants are recommended to be provided.

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