Darkroom Chemicals – Associated Darkroom Diseases (Dd)

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Avoodaiappan Nivedha, Chandrasekaran Krithika, Chitathoor Sridhar, Sanjana.M. R


In spite of various advancements in computerised imaging radiography, the usual radiological methods abide manual processing techniques and most of the radiographs are recorded in films resulting in exposure to hazardous chemicals [1]. Darkroom assistants and technicians are continuously being exposed to toxic x-ray processing chemicals on a routine basis [2,3]. These image processing chemicals has chemical irritants which can cause some diseases to the individuals handling it. These processing chemicals are known to produce or aggravate symptoms like headache, asthma, skin itching, sore throat, nasal irritation, breathing difficulties, cough and pharyngeal irritation in exposed individuals [5]. These indications are primary diverse symptoms that are collectively termed as Darkroom Diseases (DD). Health care professionals and students should be aware of the chemical hazards and advised to take precautions during the X-ray films processing. Many studies have been conducted to evaluate the awareness about the incidence of darkroom diseases and darkroom chemicals. The green recommendations include installation of digital radiograph as an alternative to the conventional film-based X-rays. By focusing more on prevention, precaution and creating awareness, that can significantly contribute to improving the health of the workers, the community, and the environment.

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