Management of Combined Endo Perio Lesion: A Case Report

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Divya Singh, Pooja Kabra, Ekta Choudhary


Endo-perio lesion represents a complex dental condition involving the intricate interplay between endodontic and periodontal pathologies. This condition arises when inflammatory processes simultaneously affect both the pulp and the periodontal tissues of a tooth. Clinically, endo-perio lesions present a unique set of challenges, as they exhibit a diverse range of symptoms, including changes in pulp vitality, gingival inflammation, bone deformities, and tooth mobility. The diagnosis of endo-perio lesions require a comprehensive understanding of both endodontic and periodontal clinical findings, often necessitating collaboration between specialists for accurate identification and effective treatment planning. Successful management involves addressing both the endodontic and periodontal components, making this condition a nuanced and intricate aspect of dental practice.

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