Effect of Buteyko Breathing Technique on Anxiety and Depression Among COPD Individuals

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Bareah Anwar, Avinash Ruhela, Ankita Saxena, Sarvjeet Saini


Objectives: To study the effect of Buteyko Breathing Technique on anxiety and depression among COPD individuals.

Methods: Sample size of 30 patients was taken based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. Patients were selected via convenient sampling method. Patient who were diagnosed with COPD were  included in the study. Patient were excluded based on exclusion criteria. Both males and females were included in the study. Procedure was explained to the patients and pre-test score was taken using SPARS for anxiety and HARDS17 for depression. Then patient was asked to do BBT twice daily for 15 min continuously for 5 days and then score of both the questionnaires were taken again on the 5th day. Then pre-test and post-test score was compared.

Results: Comparison of difference of means was done by using paired t-test for two groups.  The result of the study was statistically significant.

Conclusion: The present study concludes that BBT has significant improvement in anxiety and  depression score among COPD individuals therefore it can be used as a relaxation technique among these patients.

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