Development and Utilization of Rice Bran in Hamburger as a Fat Replacer

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Mohammad Mehdi Marvizadeh, Neda Akbari


The effect of rice bran (RB) on the physicochemical properties such as fat content, pH, moisture content, color evaluation (L*, a*, b* values), and cooking loss of hamburger was investigated. To this purpose, four groups were processed: a control group and three treatment groups containing 2%, 3%, and 4% RB. The addition of 4% RB to hamburgers decreased the fat content by 25%. The highest rate of cooking loss (P<0.05) was observed in the control group. Chemical tests indicated that hamburgers with RB increased moisture content of samples. Proximate test indicated that the greatest pH in a hamburgerwas achieved when 4% RB is added. The values of L* in low-fat hamburger (LFH) were decreased using RB replacer. Therefore, healthier hamburger can be manufactured by RB as fat replacer without product's quality loss.

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