The Effects of Salicylates and Antihypertensive Drugs on Induced Hypoglycemia

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Karra Geetha, Chunchu Smaigdhini, Kotti ramya sree, Udtha laxmi sahithya, T. Rama Rao



Diabetes mellitus is a prevalent chronic disease globally, particularly in the elderly population Hypoglycemia, which is characterized by abnormally low blood glucose levels, is a common occurrence among people with diabetes. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of salicylates and antihypertensive drugs on induced hypoglycemia.


 A prospective observational study was conducted for a duration of 6 months i.e., (September 2022-February 2023). Patient data (n=80) with salicylates and antihypertensive drugs collected from various departments like general medicine, gynaecology, endocrinology department were documented in documentation form and statistical analysis was done to acquire the results.

Results And Discussion:

Both in IP patients and OP patients there is a significant change in glucose levels when they are taken in combinations like hypoglycemic agents, anti-hypertensive, and aspirin. According to the inclusion criteria, a total of 80 diabetic and hypertension patients (n =80) were scrutinized. In the present study out of 80 subjects, 37 (46.25%) were females and 43(53.75%) were males. Among gender-wise distribution collected data males are more than females. In which the ratio is male: female. The greater number of cases were found in the age group 51-60(33.75%) in which male were 13 and female were 14.


Blood glucose levels decreased in almost 59 out of 80 cases. The concomitant use of hypoglycemic agents and aspirin led to a moderate reduction in blood glucose levels.When compared to the other two combinations (hypoglycemics+aspirin) (hypoglycemics+antihypertensives), this drug combination (hypoglycemics+aspirin+anti-hypertensives) shows a significant decrease in glucose levels. 

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