Comprehensive Review on Mucormycosis including Diagnosis and Treatment

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Shikha Gupta, Amrita Upadhyay, Indu Yadav, Rehana Bano, Deepak Nair


The class Zygomycetes is divided into two orders, Mucorales and Entomophthorales. Genera from the order Mucorales (Rhizopus, Mucor, Rhizomucor, Absidia, Apophysomyces, Cunninghamella and Saksenaea) cause an angioinvasive infection called mucormycosis.  The rhino-orbito-cerebral, pulmonary, disseminated, cutaneous, or gastrointestinal involvement is present with mucormycosis. Immunocompromising states such as haematological malignancy, bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell transplantation, neutropenia, solid organ transplantation, diabetes mellitus with or without ketoacidosis, corticosteroids, and deferoxamine therapy for iron overload predispose patients to infection. Early diagnosis, along with treatment of the underlying medical condition, surgery, and an amphotericin B product are needed for a successful outcome. Genera from the order Entomophthorales produce a chronic subcutaneous infection called entomophthoramycosis in immunocompetent patients. The main aim and purpose of this review related to overview and Etiopathogenesis of Mucormycosis, fatality of rhinocerebral Mucormycosis, recent advances in diagnostic and treatment methods.

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