"Herbal Smoke Deception: Hidden Dangers Among Youth and the Urgent Call for Regulation"

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Noopur Kokane, Sachin Khatri, Komal Rewatkar, Aditya Jaiswal, Ranu Ingole, Shweta Gangotri


The persistent public health threat of the tobacco epidemic has spurred continuous efforts to address the issue. While anti-tobacco campaigns strive to increase awareness, alternative smoking products, notably herbal smoking products (HSPs), have become increasingly popular among both addicted smokers and informed youth seeking alternatives. In the absence of robust regulations, HSPs, often marketed as healthy alternatives, pose serious health risks. This article explores the ill effects of HSPs, emphasizing their impact on adolescents and youth. Despite India's stringent tobacco regulations, HSPs fall outside the regulatory framework, demanding urgent attention. The article discusses the implications for rules and policies, advocating for comprehensive regulation to safeguard public health, especially among the youth. It concludes by stressing the need for collaborative efforts among policymakers and health professionals to address this emerging public health concern effectively.

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