Management of Avascular Necrosis of Right Hip Joint Through Asthishrukhaladi Ksheer Basti-A Case Study

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Pratima Naresh Gawand, Mamata Nakade, Shweta Parve, Pranesh gaikwad, Vaishali Chaudhari


Avascular necrosis (AVN), also known as osteonecrosis, aseptic necrosis, or ischemic bone necrosis, is characterized by the death of bone cells due to a disruption in the blood supply. This leads to the collapse of the bone structure, resulting in pain, loss of joint function, and long-term joint damage. In this case, a 28-year-old male patient, a mechanical engineer by profession, visited the Panchkarma department of Dr. D Y Patil Ayurved College and Research Centre, Pune, India with a diagnosis of AVN. He complained of pain in his right hip joint accompanied by stiffness. The patient underwent treatment with Asthishrunkhaadi Ksheer Basti (Kala Basti) for 30 days, along with oral medications. The results of the treatment showed significant improvements in the patient's condition. The Grading Scale score for pain decreased to 1, indicating a considerable reduction in pain levels. Additionally, the tenderness grading scale score decreased to 2, suggesting a decrease in tenderness experienced by the patient. Moreover, the weakness Grading scale score improved to 1, indicating a notable enhancement in the patient's strength and ability to perform activities. In conclusion, the 30-day treatment of Asthishrunkhaadi Ksheer Basti had a positive impact on the patient's condition. It effectively reduced pain and tenderness while improving the patient's overall weakness. These findings support the effectiveness of the treatment in alleviating symptoms and enhancing the patient's overall well-being

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