Comparative Evaluation of Success Rates of Surgically Placed Dental Implants and Fixed Partial Dentures for the Replacement of Missing Teeth.

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Sudhanshu Singh, Mehul Patel, Manjiri Salkar, Bhushan Bangar, Rajiv Kumar Gupta, Ankita Pal


Background: This study was conducted for comparative evaluation of success rates of surgically placed dental implants and Fixed Partial Dentures for the replacement of missing teeth.

Material and methods: This study included total 100 subjects that reported to the department with the chief complaint of missing teeth. Intraoral examination was carried out in all the subjects. The subjects with a good amount of bone were planned for dental implants whereas the subjects having healthy teeth adjacent to the edentulous areas were planned for FPDs. The complications of both the treatment modalities were noticed and the success rate was estimated. Statistical analysis was conducted using SPSS software.

Results: 4 subjects from the first group showed peri-implantitis whereas implant mobility was seen in 1 subject. Hence, the failure rate of dental implants was 10%. 3 out of 50 subjects in the second group showed loss of retention followed by tooth fracture, occlusal problems, caries and porcelain fracture. Total 7 complications were observed. Hence the failure rate was 14%.

Conclusion: Dental implants were proven to be more successful (90%) as compared to FPDs (86%) for the replacement of missing teeth.

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