Non rigid connector: Breaking the stress on pier abutment-A case report

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Baisakhi Mallick, Mandira Ghosh, Sushobhan Pramanik, Tridib Nath Banerjee, Saurav Banerjee


Introduction: Natural tooth abutment of a restoration has always been critically questioned because the natural teeth are affected by such procedures. Selection of a natural tooth to support a prosthesis is always diagnostically challenging. The single standing natural tooth between two partially edentulous spaces is termed as pier abutment which act as a class I fulcrum lever while used in a fixed partial denture with rigid connectors. This situation leads to failures in FPD.

Methods: To overcome this situation, a fixed movable bridge with a non-rigid connector is used to break the stress on pier abutment. In our study, we used Dovetail (key-keyway) type non-rigid connector for breaking the stress on pier abutment in fixed movable bridge.

Conclusions: Non-rigid connector reduce stress on pier abutment in fixed movable bridge, thus reduce the failure in FPD.

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