Depigmentation using 3 Different techniques- A Case Report

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Shraddha S.Bhandari, Maya Mhaske, Ashok Chatse, Prajakta Ambekar, Sweta Shele, Rashmi Phadnis


 Introduction: Smile creates feeling of joy and having beautiful smiles increases self-confidence of the person although gingival pigmentation is physiological but having black gums is the common complaint of the people so the Periodontist have to maintain the interrelationship between pink gingiva and white teeth. Different modalities of gingival Depigmentation are available with scalpel, Laser, Bur, Electrocautery. In this article we have discussed gingival depigmentation using scalpel, electro cautery and Bur.

Objectives: To Evaluate & compare results of Depigmentation using three different Techniques.

Methods: Gingival Depigmentation was performed using three different modalities which included scalpel, Gingival abrasion using Bur, Electrocautery in different Quadrants..

Results: Pain was measured using VAS scale which showed negligible pain in all the three modalities the amount of bleeding was more with scalpel and bur compared to electrocautery but with electrocautery patient had discomfort with the burning smell inside mouth. Depigmentation procedure by scalpel technique is simple, easy to perform, non-invasive, and above all, cost effective.

Conclusion: Patient was highly satisfied by the result of depigmentation which was the aim of our treatment.     Repigmentation if occurs the same procedure has to be repeated it can be concluded that all the three modalities are highly recommended each technique has its own advantages & Limitations. Patients comfort is more and gingival bleeding is less using electrocautery, whereas using scalpel its easily available, noninvasive and less armamentarium with least cost.

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