Awareness & Utilization Review of NPHCE among Elderly in India.

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Khadhirunnisa Shaik, Milind Kahile, Amar Prakash


Introduction: Over the last few years, the population of the world has found remarkable growth including high birth rates and low death rates. Due to the time of transition, it has recorded the growth in the number and proportion of older people. To make focus on the history of civilization; it has not recorded such as rapid and large with ubiquitous growth. In the coming centuries, it is recorded a revolution in the current demographic that continues to grow in nature. The aim of the study is to know about the awareness & utilization of rehabilitation services under the NPHCE program in India. In addition to this, other objectives are as follows: To know the current status of NPHCE awareness &its utilization among the geriatric population across India. To know the status of Rehabilitation services under NPHCE. To know the difficulties associated with the implementation of NPHCE To make a comparison with the young population, it was found that in India, it is still known as the home of the second-largest number of older people in the world. It was also found that the number of 60+ age people will increase to 100 million in 2013 and 198 million in the year 2030. As a result, to provide effective support, care, and help for older people, the government of India has passed the National Programme for Health Care for the Elderly to address all the issues related to geriatric health in India. Conclusion In This review we try to understand how does the NPHCE growing in our country are we doing good enough for health care seek population are the loop holes getting field. The efforts taken by over government improving the status of our geriatric population really reaching to grass root level. The role of NPHCE passed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare by introducing comprehensive healthcare setup for elderly people, it needs more attention.

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