A Review On Water Purification Using Low-Cost Natural Filtration Materials Integrated With Solar Power

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Md Mujtaba, Mohd.Mohaddis Khan, Shiv Kumar


Providing access to clean and treated water remains a formidable challenge in numerous rural areas devoid of centralized water treatment systems. This review concentrates on cost-effective methods for water treatment in such rural locations where centralized water systems are absent. As per statistics from UNICEF and the WHO, a staggering one in three individuals globally, equivalent to 2.2 billion people, faces the daunting reality of lacking access to safe drinking water. The consequences of this scarcity are severe, with over 3 million people succumbing annually to waterborne diseases, including 1.3 million children under the age of six, emphasising the urgent need for effective water treatment solutions.  Emphasising the importance of clean water, the review introduces low-cost purifiers for rural communities using natural materials. These aim to remove contaminants such as Alkalinity, Turbidity, Hardness, Dissolved Solids, pH, etc. The review contributes to discussions on accessible water purification to improve life quality in rural areas.[1][2]

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