In Vitro Evaluation Of Hepatoprotective Activity Of Siddha Medicine – Veppam Poo Ooral Kudineer By Acetaminophen Induced HepG2 Cell Line

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Carolin P, Mariappan A, Suba V, Senthilvel G


Among the traditional medicines, Siddha medicine is becoming widely spread among south Indian population. In ancient period, the primary line of treatment for liver problems by Siddha drugs. There are several herbal prescriptions on the market. Azadirachta indica (Neem) was a commonest plant present all over the Tamil Nadu. The compound quercetin and rutin, Nimbolide in A.indica have hepatoprotective activity.Veppam poo ooral kudineer is one the Siddha preparation indicated for hepatoprotective in Siddha literature. The aim of the study to evaluvate the the hepatoprotective activity of Veppam poo ooral kudineer(VOK). VOK was prepared according to the method given in Siddha literature. Hepatoprotective activity was evaluated against Acetaminophen induced hepatotoxicity by its effect on the HepG2 cell line. The sample VOK increased significantly of HepG2 cells at around 84% in VOK at concentration 100 μg/mL compared to the normal cells.

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