In-vitro and In-vivo Characterization of Bio-Patch to Hydrogel on Skin Wounds for Efficient Scarless Wound Healing

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Divya Sahu, Manisha Chandrakar, Trilok Nath Patel, Lilima Baghel, Deepa Thakur, Ume Kulsum, Jhakeshwar Prasad


Hydrogels have been widely used in various biomedical applications, including skin regeneration and tissue repair. However, the capability of certain hydrogels to absorb exudate or blood from surrounding wounds, coupled with the challenge in their long-term storage to prevent bacterial growth, can pose limitations to their efficacy in biological applications. To address these challenges, the development of a multifunctional aloin-arginine-alginate (short for 3A) bio-patch capable of transforming into a hydrogel upon absorbing exudate or blood from neighboring wounds for cutaneous regeneration is proposed. The 3A bio-patch exhibits outstanding features, including an excellent porous structure, swelling properties, and biodegradability. These characteristics allow for the rapid absorption of wound exudates and subsequent transformation into a hydrogel that is suitable for treating skin wounds. Furthermore, the 3A bio-patch exhibits remarkable antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, leading to accelerated wound healing and scarless repair in vivo. This study presents a novel approach to the development of cutaneous wound dressing materials.

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