In Vivo Evaluation of Antiarthritic Activity of Sesbania Procumbens Extracts

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V. Leslie, Amita Mahajan, S. Aron, S. L. Harikumar


Systematic evaluation is a crucial one for the herbals used in the traditional healing system that may give more promising data about their medicinal value and may be useful to meet the rising demand for novel agents to combat the infections and diseases. Plants of the genus Sesbania have ethno medicinal importance. The plant S. procumbens was used traditionally for a variety of medicinal purposes including anti-inflammatory activity. In our previous study, S. procumbens was collected, extracted and the anti-inflammatory activity of the extracts were evaluated by in vitro successfully. The present study was aimed to evaluate the anti-arthritic activity of the methanol extract of S. procumbens by in vivo on Wistar albino rats with Complete Freund’s adjuvant (CFA) induced arthritis. The institutional animal ethical committee approved the entire study. Initially, LD50 of the selected extract was determined and from this the ED50 was fixed as for the selected methanol extract of S. procumbens. Two doses of extracts ( & were subjected to in vivo anti-arthritic evaluation in comparison with the standard drug prednisolone ( Collectively, results of in vivo evaluation strongly supported the anti-arthritic activity of methanol extract of S. procumbens particularly, the high dose ( of the extract revealed a significant activity comparing with the standard control drug (prednisolone). Our future studies in the direction of toxicity evaluation, compound level studies from this extracts may give significant results valuable for further researches

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