Study the characteristics of natural zeolite ZK-5 collected from Sudan Country Regions

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Ard elshifa M. E. Mohammed


Natural zeolites are necessary for many different uses. Recently, efforts have concentrated on the features of the ZK 5 type of natural zeolite.

Since geologists first discovered zeolite minerals, we have believed that they are enormous crystals that develop in the voids and vugs of basalt and other traprock formations. Sedimentary rocks formed by volcanoes contain natural zeolites. Natural zeolites come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes throughout Sudan. This study chose natural zeolite of one type (ZK-5) and assessed its characteristics in comparison to synthetic ones. It is a low-cost natural material that is equally important for the application of commercial zeolite. Natural zeolites have been used in employed as lightweight construction materials We chose Zk5 zeolite natural for the investigation in this situation [2].

Due to this, properties are now fully developed mineral commodities Samples of natural zeolite were gathered throughout Sudan in various locations. from Wad Kawly in Sudan's eastern Gadarief region.

A second sample was taken from the Northern region's Bayouda desert. The X-ray diffraction study (XRD) used to analyze the samples revealed that they were made up of natural zeolites such as Thomsonite, Scolecite, and ZK5 and option one (ZK­5) to ascertain their characteristics. Using a variety of techniques including TPR and DSC, we demonstrate several characteristics of natural zeolite in this work. and to determine chemical composition (the amount of additional elements), an atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) is employed. The intrinsic structure of infrared materials is examined using scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

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