Multi-Purpose Cyclodextrin Metal-Complexes: Physicochemical and Theoretical Portfolio in Drug Domain

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Prachi P. Khobragade, Varsha Manvatkar, Pankaj Meshram, Rajendra Dongre


Organic-inorganic assemblies like host-guest Cyclodextrin (CDs) milieus and specific MOFs or metal complexes found to act as functionally attenuated soluble excipients to offer innate perpetually beneficial features due to dynamic portfolio in the domain of functional drugs. This is an insight aiming to evaluate the properties of CDs and their functionalities in sci-tech. The article aims to scrutinize the nature of the chemical aspects of CDs and to use the system in cheminformatics modules. In cheminformatics, the abstraction is performed to acquire knowledge about the compound properties of CDs. Phase solubility techniques, thermodynamic studies (G, H, S), stability constant, and QSAR can all be used to investigate the development of the cyclodextrin inclusion complex and heterocycles. The review mainly focuses on the synthesis, susceptivity and distinct structure of definitive metal complexes procure essentially from indigenous Cyclodextrin. The pattern and diversity in complexes with respect to cyclodextrin, which ranges from diverse motifs, were displayed.

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