Characterization of Physico-chemical and Microbiological Parameters of Tanker Water Samples in a Rural Area in Bangalore during post Covid pandemic

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Atreyee Sarkar, Shantee Devi Karri


Introduction: The tanker water samples supplied in a rural area of Bangalore was studied between the period of September 2021 to February 2023. The study area is water stressed and is heavily dependent on water supplied by tankers throughout the year. It is claimed that the water supplied by the tankers are of drinkable quality.

Objectives: Prior studies of water quality supplied by the tankers in this area have not been conducted. Hence, the water quality was tested to understand the quality of water supplied by the tankers in the area.

Methods: The physicochemical parameters like pH, TDS, Electrical Conductivity and Total Hardness were measured and seasonal variation among the parameters was attempted to be identified. Water samples were collected from 04 tanker water, 01 source sample, and 01 purified water sample from Reverse Osmosis filter served as the control.

Results: The results obtained during the 18 months duration prove that the tanker water samples are not fit for direct consumption as the TDS, Electrical conductivity and total hardness far exceed the prescribed limits. Microbial contamination by E.coli, total and fecal coliform bacterial contamination  was also found for some of the samples.

Conclusions: A marked difference was observed for these parameters between the tanker water and purified water samples. Hence the water should be treated by either boiling or filtering before consumption.

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