In-Vitro Ct-Dna Cleavage and Bio-Potential Activities of Zn (Ii) Complex with 4-Aminothiophenol and Benzoate Ion

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P. Sudhakar, K. Rajasekar, R. Selvarani, Sudip Kumar Mandal, C. Veeravel


coordination complex of Zn(II) metal ions with 4-aminothiophenol (4-ATP) were synthesized under microwave irradiation. the synthesized complex was characterized by elemental analysis, metal estimation, UV Visible, Conductance measurement, IR, Far-IR and NMR (proton and carbon) spectral studies. the metal complex was found to be mononuclear, neutral, and colorless in nature which are confirmed by the elemental analysis and molar conductance studies. the geometry for the 1:2:2 complex exhibit to be square planar was confirmed by its absorption spectral study. the ligand was coordinated to the metal ion through its "N" or "S" atom and the diamagnetic nature of the complex was confirmed by IR, Far-IR, and NMR spectral studies.  the electrochemical properties of the complex show the good redox properties of them with Zn(II)/Zn(I) couple by predicting the values of anodic and cathodic current. In-vitro antibacterial and antifungal activities of microorganisms viz., S. Aureus, Bacillus, and C. Albicance were carried out by Agar disc diffusion method using Amikacin and ketoconazole as standard control and DMSO as solvent control. the metal complex shows enhanced biological activities than the 4-ATP. the DNA Cleavage study of 4-ATP and its Zn(II) complex was performed and calculated the IC50 values, the results show the DNA cleavage through intercalation. 

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