To Study Effect of Topical Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream (0.05% W/W) On Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Blood Calcium Level in Patients Requiring Topical Corticosteroids Therapy

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Chetan Javsen, Vithal Patil


In the skin diseases, corticosteroids are used for few days to few weeks and use of different corticosteroids according to potency, depends on site (location) of application and severity of disease. Adverse effects of corticosteroids depend on potency of corticosteroids, duration of treatment and area of involvement. In this study we investigated the effect of topical betamethasone on blood pressure, blood sugar and blood calcium after application of seven days. Also, correlated the absorbed concentration of corticosteroids with blood pressure, blood sugar, blood calcium and affected body surface area. Betamethasone cream application for seven days there was no effect on blood pressure, blood sugar and blood calcium level. Drug absorbing surface area is directly proportional to blood concentration of corticosteroids. Effect of corticosteroids on blood pressure, blood sugar and blood calcium level depend on absorbed concentration of corticosteroids in blood, Absorption depends on drug absorbing surface area.

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