The Development of CHSE-Based Parenting Health Education Deserves to be a Reference in an Effort to Improve the Quality of Care, Reduce the Worry of Sick Children and Parental Burnout in Family Tourists at Kids Club Hotel Bali

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Nyoman Ribek, I Ketut Labir, Ni Nyoman Hartati, Agus Sri Lestari, I Dewa Ayu Ketut Surinati, Ni Luh Ketut Suardani


The research background is because CHSE-based parenting health education textbooks are important for reducing family tourists' concerns about children's illnesses at tourist attractions which become a burden on families and tourism needs are not met. This concern has increased since WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. The number of tourists who are worried about falling ill is 36% of foreign tourists and 47% of domestic tourists. Research method using quantitative descriptive research and FGD.The research samples were Kids Club Managers, IT Lecturers, child care, early childhood education. The sampling technique was purposive sampling with a total sample of 100 family tourists, 30 people during FGD, 30 people as media experts and 30 people as material experts. The results of the research show that data on family tourists' concerns about going to kids club hotels is 60%, Parental Burnout is 64%, and the need for parenting health education is 85%, So a parenting health education kids club hotel textbook module was created and validation was carried out by material experts and media experts with the results being 50% very suitable and 50% suitable. The material expert stated that it was 60% very suitable and 40% suitable. The discussion concluded that the CHSE-based parenting health education model textbook is worth developing for kids club management and suggested that kids club management use the parenting health education textbook as a reference book to increase the attraction of family tourists

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