Treatment Modalities for Periodontal Pathology

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Swapnil Thakur, Ashish Pandey, Mohan D Pujari, Meenakshi Chopra, Shruti Saini, Amit Chhillar


Background: This study was conducted to assess the treatment modalities for periodontal pathology.

Material and methods: This study included 100 participants. 50 of the participants were controls while the remaining 50 had periodontal pathology. There were 20 females and 30 males in the diseased group. The mean of the subjects was 45 years. Radiographic evaluation of teeth of all the subjects was carried out. Statistical analysis was carried out using SPSS software.

Results: Out of 50 subjects having periodontal pathology, 26 subjects underwent root canal treatment followed by amalgam filling while 24 subjects underwent crown placement after root canal treatment.

Conclusion: Root canal treatment is an efficient treatment modality for periodontal pathologies. Both amalgam filling and crown placement can be done after the treatment.

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