Efficacy of Buprenorphine for Postextraction Pain in Lower Third Molar Surgery: A Comparaive Study

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Devanshi Vaghela, Jay Patel, Aditi Patel, Shalin Shah, Hardik Patel


Pain is one of the more nuanced aspects of human physiology and psychology. Studies done for them have emphasised the necessity of efficient pain management, the necessity of post-operative pain control, and the necessity of healthcare providers providing enough perioperative analgesia. 1 Postoperative pain may have a number of negative acute and long-term effects. The appropriate attenuation of perioperative pathophysiology during surgery by methods that minimise nociceptive inputs to the central nervous system is essential for the patient's health and surgical success. Numerous studies have shown that enhancing perioperative analgesia lowers risks and expedites healing following surgery. 2

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