Nano Glass Ionomer Cement- A Review

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Tahreem Fathima, Balaji Ganesh S, D.Ezhilarasan


Glass ionomer cements are tooth coloured materials that bond chemically to dental hard tissues. It has aesthetic qualities along with specific adhesion to enamel and dentin. Incorporation of nanoparticles into glass powder of glass ionomers led to wider particle size distribution which resulted in higher mechanical values. Its bonding mechanism should be attributed to micro-mechanical locking provided by the surface roughness. Enhancing mechanical properties adds to serviceability and shelf-life of restorative materials. The bioactive hydroxyapatite and fluorapatite were incorporated into resin composites and glass ionomers. Cumulative F-release decreases when the microgranular glass particles with fluoride are replaced by nanogranular glass particles with fluoride. It is important to  remove all the remnants of the linings of the pathological lesion or will be very careful in inspecting its margins after removing it. Addition of chlorhexidine along with nano GIC is done due to antibacterial properties. The review article concludes that nano-glass ionomer cement has properties that were deficient in glass ionomer cement.  

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