Morphological analysis of length and shape of nasopalatine canal on human dry skulls

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Sandeep.S.Mohite, Sheela.D.Kadam, Priya.P.Roy


In this novel investigation, 56 dry human skulls, inclusive of both genders, underwent scrutiny to assess the dimensions and configurations of the nasopalatine canal (NPC). The measurement of NPC length, extending from the interproximal region of the central incisors to the distal end of the incisive foramen, disclosed a mean length of 17.8 mm in males and 14.2 mm in females. A noteworthy statistical distinction was evident between male and female lengths (P < 0.01). Furthermore, the diameter of the incisive foramen displayed a non-significant variation between males (5.6 mm) and females (5.1 mm). Classification of nasopalatine canal shapes resulted in intriguing patterns, with cylindrical configurations prevailing in 27 cases, followed by funnel shapes in 9, hourglass shapes in 20, and spindle shapes in 4 skulls. The distribution of shapes exhibited statistically significant differences (P < 0.05). These findings emphasize the critical necessity of evaluating nasopalatine canal morphology to mitigate the risk of iatrogenic injury to anatomical structures.

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