Detected Molecules and Antimalarial Activity of Bajakah (Spatholobus Littoralis Hask) Extract Combined with Bio Coil Plus in Plasmodium Falciparum Strain 3d7

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Ruslin Hadanu, Wahidin, Retno Wahyuningrum, Sartika G. P


The impact of COVID-19 in 2022 adds to the challenges for the worldwide malaria response. In 2020 WHO found that a 25% disruption in access to effective antimalarial treatment in sub-Saharan Africa could lead to 46,000 additional deaths. This study aims to find new molecules or herbs as antimalarial drugs that are more effective in overcoming the world's problems regarding the attack of malaria. In this study, 14 molecular compounds were detected in the bark and wood of the Bajakah root (Spatholobus Littoralis Hask) in Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi, which have the potential as antimalarial drugs. This is supported by the results of the antiplasmodial activity test on the bark and wood of Spatholobus Littoralis Hask combined with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in the form of a liquid herbal/herbal formulation of Bio Coil Plus which has a fairly high antimalarial activity. Further studies will be focused on isolating, purifying, and elucidating the molecular structure of the active antiplasmodial compound from the Spatholobus Littoralis Hask subfraction.

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