Recent Age-specific Trends in the Incidence of Cholelithiasis

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Dr. Amit Girme, Dr. Vernika Gupta, Dr. Bhushan Shah


Introduction: Gallstones are the most common pathology of the gall bladder. The incidence in India is estimated to be approximately 4%. Due to clinical evidence of a decrease in age trends in the Outpatient department, we aim to see the variations in age-specific trends in the incidence of cholelithiasis.

Materials and methods: The age of patients suffering from cholelithiasis was recorded for an entire year and was analyzed and interpreted. We included three hundred radiologically diagnosed patients of gallstone disease.

Results: In this study, 31.33% of the study population was between 31-40 years of age, and another major portion of 20.33% was occupied by patients of 21-30 years of age. 16% of the patients were 41-50 years old, 14.67% were 51-60 years of age, 10.67% were 61-70 years of age, and the rest of the age groups combinedly occupied 6.7%.

Conclusion: The incidence of gallstone disease is increasing in younger individuals, most commonly occurring between the ages of 20-40 years. This can be attributed to a variety of factors like obesity, changing dietary habits, changing habits, and lifestyles. More studies need to be carried out regarding the specific prevalence of these factors in younger age groups and their direct relation to the increased incidence of cholelithiasis.

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