Evaluation of Hepatoprotective Activity of Caesalpinia Bonduc (L.) Roxb. on Experimentally Induced Liver Damage in Animals

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Hemant Vinayak Deore, Harshal S. Bhandari, Vinod S. Ahire, Swapnil B. Deshmukh, Jayashree A. Patil, Pravin V. Gomase, Touseef Begum, Shoeb Qazi, Rahil Meman, Ansari Yaasir, Ansari Vaseem Ahamad, Ansari Mohd. Razi


Hepatoprotective activity of the Ethanolic extract of Caesalpinia bonduc (Caesalpiniaceae) seed was investigated in rats by inducing toxicity with Carbon tetrachloride, Paracetamol, Ethanol. The extract has been shown to possess significant protective effect by lowering the level of AST, ALT, ALP, LDH, Cholesterol and bilirubin. The Ethanolic extract of Caesalpinia bonduc at a dose of 125mg/kg, 250mg/kg, and 500mg/kg showed significant hepatoprotective activity which was comparable to that of a standard hepatoprotective agent (Silymarin).  

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