Thyroid Levels as Hidden and Alarming Implicator among Diabetics

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Sonika Kapoor, Rajiv Kumar, Mayank Sharma, Jakinth Paul, Sandeep Kaur


Introduction: Diabetes is amongst top of non-communicable disorders causing disability and pre mature mortality globally. The association of diabetes with factors like lipid disorder and hypertension is documented by various researchers, but the relationship of diabetes mellitus type 2 and thyroid disorders is conducted at very limited level.

Objectives: Analysis of diabetes with thyroid dysfunction is almost negligible in Punjabi population, the present study was hence planned to assess the same

Methods: To establish the relationship of diabetes and thyroid disorder, 156 diabetic patients and 50 subjects free of clinical diabetes from Medicity Hospital Bhatinda were included in the present study. The physical parameters like age, mass, blood pressure, were recorded manually and biochemical measures like lipid levels, fasting blood sugar and thyroid levels were estimated as per standard methods in laboratory of hospital by automated analysers.

Results: The present study type 2 diabetics have shown high cholesterol levels among 24% of the subjects, whereas 33% of individuals were found to be having low levels of T3 as compared with non diabetics. The results depicted a strong positive correlation between type 2 diabetes and thyroid dysfunction as well as increased lipid levels.

Conclusions: The thyroid dysfunction has been confirmed as an important factor in defining diabetes hence can be important for its diagnosis in pre-diabetic subjects also. There is requirement of more gender based and longitudinal studies to elucidate the effect of thyroid screening as well as in incur of diabetes.

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