Current Concepts and Applications of Zygomatic Implants as Related to Resorbed Maxilla: A Comprehensive Review

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Adrish Misra, AN Bharat, Sonali Perti, Ritu Sabharwal, Dev Darshan Deo, Sweta Sulagna Tripathy


Dental implants are highly popular these days because of its conservative nature of approach. The ultimate success of any implant depends upon the quality and quantity of bone in which it is being installed. Majority of patients are suffering from some or another infectious disease of jaw. These jaw diseases primarily affect and reduce the available bone height and depth. Therefore many of the recent researchers have concluded that rehabilitation of patients with atrophic maxilla with dental implants are quite difficult than otherwise normal situations. The basic etiology and underlying cause of these deleterious processes are microbial only. These are usually mix micro flora those initiate the bone resorption procedure. Also these are widespread controversy around the subject because various success rates have been reported in numerous peer-reviewed articles. As a result, there is still debate over its clinical success. Therefore considering all these facts and concepts, this review was planned to highlight and focus the success of zygomatic implants among the atrophic maxilla.

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