Comparative Studies between Conventional Techniques and Green Chemistry to Synthesis of Novel Piperidinium Salts Ionic Liquids (PBSILs)

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Shakir M. Saied, Salim J. Mohammed, Bassam T. Khaleel, Mohanad Yakdhan Saleh


Comparative studies between conventional technique, method (A) and green chemistry (microwave irradiation) , method (B) to synthesis of four novel unsymmetrical alkyl piperidinium salts ionic liquids (PBSILs) by the addition of alkyl halides (methyl or allyl) to piperidine  with yields more than (90%) in method (A) and less than (70%) in method (B) respectively with decrease reaction time. Theses novel organic salts are characterized by elemental analysis, 1H NMR, FTIR and mass spectrometry.

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