Synthesis of New Glycine Cephalexin Condensed Polymer as Peptide Biopolymer for Controlled Release of Cephalexin

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Aseel K.Al-Saffar, Ahamed M. Abbas, Dawood Salman


A new peptide-based polymer was synthesized via polymerization of cephalexin acid chloride with glycine acid chloride with molar ratio 1:1 in condensed polymer solution. This Glycine Cephalexin peptide biopolymer was characterized by different analyses of UV, FT-IR and 1H NMR spectroscopy. Also, physical properties of new synthesized Glycine Cephalexin peptide biopolymer were studied with measurement of its intrinsic viscosity at 30°C, swelling percentage in water and studying drug release in pH 4-10 at 37°C.

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