Sustainable production and spectroscopic study of novel heterocyclic compounds synthesized from Carbendazim via green chemistry

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Naif Murad Hassan, Adnan Othman Omar


In this research, a series of heterocyclic compounds with both five-membered and six-membered rings were synthesized. These compounds include oxadiazole, thiadiazol, thiazole, oxadiazine, thiadiazine, and triazine, among others. The synthesis process began with the conversion of the ester carbendazim into a hydrazide, followed by its reaction with various reagents, resulting in a sequence of compounds labeled as (3-6). Subsequently, these hydrazides were treated with benzoic acid derivatives, leading to the formation of compounds labeled as (7-11) in a sequential manner. This synthesis approach resulted in a range of heterocyclic compounds for further study and analysis.

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