Reconstructive Surgery for Urethral Strictures

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Dr Asitkumar Choudhary, Dr Sachin Misal, Dr Yogesh Jadhav


Urethral strictures pose significant challenges in urological practice, often necessitating reconstructive surgery to restore normal urinary function. This comprehensive review examines the pivotal role of reconstructive surgery in managing urethral strictures, with a focus on grafts, flaps, and tissue engineering as diverse options for surgical intervention. Emphasizing the preservation or restoration of normal urinary function, the review critically evaluates the functional outcomes of these techniques, including urinary flow rates, voiding symptoms, and patient-reported quality of life. Furthermore, it identifies key areas for future research and technological advancements, highlighting the need for continued investigation into long-term outcomes, the integration of advanced imaging modalities and biomarkers, and the development of novel biomaterials and bioengineered constructs. By embracing a multidisciplinary approach and harnessing the latest innovations, this review underscores the potential for further advancements in urethral reconstruction, ultimately aiming to optimize patient outcomes and enhance their overall quality of life.

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