Publication Ethics

Journal of Chemical Health Risks is subject to the publishing rules contained in the Declaration of Helsinki and takes into account all the ethical standards required for publication to ensure the quality of published scientific articles. This makes the readers confident that the results presented in the printed articles have the necessary certification.

Duties of Journal officials:

The aim of the journal is to publish the original scientific achievements in related fields that have research or educational value, in the shortest possible time, in compliance with scientific and ethical standards, in a fair manner, without any discrimination, after going through a peer-reviewed double-blind process in which privacy and the principle of confidentiality and the interests of individuals are preserved, to publish.

Duties of authors:

Originality: The author is obliged to obtain the necessary scientific conditions for research and writing the article, choose a useful and valuable topic for society and the progress of science, and submit an original and scientific article to the journal.

Contribution of himself and his colleagues: The contribution of the author in the submitted article should be enough to count him as an author, he should respect the rights of the colleagues who participated in the research and writing of the article.

Trustworthiness and copyright: The author is obliged to act faithfully when using other people's works (as well as his own previous works) and observe the correct principles of citing and citing sources. Also, he must comply with copyright regulations when using other people's works.

Simultaneous publication or submission: The article submitted to the journal must not have been published in any form before, and must not have been submitted to another publication at the same time.

The origin of the article: If the article is taken from a thesis, treatise or research project, or any other scientific activity, it is necessary to mention this point clearly.

Financial support: If the research from which the article is derived has had financial support, it is necessary to clearly mention the financial sources in the article.

Error correction: Whenever the author notices an error or carelessness in his article, it is necessary to inform the journal immediately and try to correct it.

Authorship and contributorship

  • Changes in authorship: Addition of extra author – before publication
  • Changes in authorship: Removal of author – before publication
  • Changes in authorship: Addition of extra author – after publication
  • Changes in authorship: Removal of author – after publication
  • Ghost, guest, or gift authorship in a submitted manuscript
  • How to spot authorship problems
  • How to recognise potential authorship problems

Conflicts of interest/Competing interests

  • Undisclosed conflict of interest in a submitted manuscript
  • Undisclosed conflict of interest in a published article

Post-publication discussions

  • Handing post-publication critiques
  • Redundant (duplicate) publication in a submitted manuscript
  • Redundant (duplicate) publication in a published article

Intellectual property

  • Plagiarism in a submitted manuscript
  • Plagiarism in a published article