India-Africa Defence Cooperation: A Common Threat to Maritime Security

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Amardeep Singh Chauhan, Manbeer Singh Negi, Rahul Panwar


Objective: This study aims to identify shared threats to maritime security and India-African defense cooperation.

Methods: The defense and security alliance between India and Africa has grown recently. It is ingrained in inequality, common ideals, and a dedication to stability, security, prosperity, and peace. Her two guiding ideas, "SAGAR," "Security and Growth for All in the Region," and "Vaishnava Kodambakkam" serve as the cornerstone of India-Africa defense cooperation.

Results: The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world, spanning around 74 million square kilometers and accounting for 20% of the world's ocean area. It is important to note that this region has faced previously unheard-of serious marine security issues for the past 20 years. These issues are cross-jurisdictional and dynamic, which is intimidating. Therefore, fighting them requires states to work together.

Conclusion: This article examines the effectiveness of the marine security framework in the nations bordering the Indian Ocean, particularly emphasizing collaboration between African and Indian states. The paper highlights the advantages and disadvantages of the existing framework before making suggestions for a more successful transnational strategy.

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