Complications of Le Fort-I fracture.

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Shubham Dubey, Nishita shah, Lajri Bagde, Rajan Akole, Aseem Bansal, Sudha S Patil


Background: This study was conducted to assess the complications of Le Fort-I fracture.

Material and methods: This study was conducted at DR Rajender Prasad Government Medical College, Kangra, Tanda, Himachal Pradesh. This study comprised of 75 participants who were admitted to the hospital for road traffic accident. The subjects were informed about the procedure and were asked for consent. It was observed that out of 75 subjects, 50 subjects had Le Fort I fracture. The subjects were examined for any complications. The subjects who were willing to participate had been included in the study while those who were not willing to participate had been excluded from the study. Statistical analysis had been conducted using SPSS software.

Results: In this study of 50 subjects with Le Fort I fracture, 43 were males and 7 were females. The most common complication observed was swelling of upper lip in 24 subjects, followed by loosening of teeth in 19 subjects, bruising of palatal surface in 5 subjects and malocclusion in 2 subjects.

Conclusion: In this study, majority of the subjects were males. The most common complication of Le Fort I fracture in this study was swelling of upper lip, followed by loosening of teeth.

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