Synthesis and In vitro Antioxidant Activity of Novel 1,2,4-Dithiazole Scaffold Bearing Benzothiazole

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R.N. Ingole, S.A.Waghmare


A single step synthesis of N-(5-(substitutedimino)-5H-1,2,4-dithiazol-3-yl)benzo[d]thiazol-2-amine (II a-f) was carried out by oxidative cyclisation of 2-(5-substituted-2,4-dithiobiurete) benzothiazole  (I a-f) using liquid bromine in chloroform medium as an oxidizing agent. The products were isolated, characterized and justified on the basis of conventional chemical characteristics and spectral studies. Screening in vitro antioxidant activities of some synthesized compounds.

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