Clinical Significance of Neutral Zone in Managing Resorbed Mandibular Ridge: A Case Report

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Sneha Kumari, Gaurav Beohar, Prince Kumar, Niti Yadav, Anjali Musale, V. Divija Sai


The neutral zone concept in complete dentures plays a crucial role in enhancing stability and compatibility, especially in patients with severe residual ridge resorption where implant treatment is not feasible. By utilizing the neutral zone technique, clinicians can improve retention, support, and stability in complete dentures. Incorporating the neutral zone approach in denture fabrication involves recording a stable record bases, ultimately optimizing denture stability. Additionally, the neutral zone impression technique is valuable for constructing lower complete dentures in highly atrophic ridges, shaping the denture based on muscle function and oral structures to improve stability. This comprehensive approach, including the use of the neutral zone concept, is essential in prosthetic rehabilitation for patients with severely atrophic ridges, requiring modifications in complete denture treatment. 

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