Harnessing the Power of Indian Medicinal Plants: Traditional Knowledge and Modern Applications in Herbal Medicine

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Taruna Singha, Yashika Thakranb, Swetac, Sandeep Kumard, Raj Kumar Thakure, Niraj Kumar Sharmae, Anita Kumaria


In light of ongoing global health challenges, the focus has shifted beyond the initial COVID-19 context to explore sustainable and effective solutions. Respiratory infections transmitted through respiratory droplets remain a persistent concern, even with widespread vaccination efforts. Masks continue to be vital in reducing pathogen transmission, but the surge in demand has led to shortages and increased prices, prompting many to turn to homemade cloth masks. Researchers worldwide have been investigating innovative ways to enhance the efficacy of these homemade masks, with one promising approach involving the infusion of medicinal herbs into cloth mask materials, imparting them with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. This concept not only addresses the need for effective protection but also aligns with environmentally conscious practices, offering a sustainable alternative to non-biodegradable masks. By synthesizing herbal-infused cloth masks, we can bridge the gap between traditional wisdom and modern science, promoting both public health and ecological responsibility. This paper explores the synthesis, properties and applications of these herbal-infused cloth masks, shedding light on their potential to provide multifaceted solutions for personal protection and environmental preservation.

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