Comprehending Color Science and Shade Matching Along with its Application in Dentistry: A Narrative Review

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Anasua Debnath, Tridib Nath Banerjee, Priyanjali Paul, Saurav Banerjee, Debabrata Biswas


Knowledge of light and its perception as color is a topic of interest, that imparts a depthwise information , based on which the art of cosmetic dentistry thrives. Starting from three dimensional components of color i,e hue, value and chroma to its interpretation via visible (eye) as well as instrumental technique, provides a way of depicting the realness and depth in fabricating the artificial teeth. This review article attempts to emphasise in details the factors such as optical properties of light, illusion, techniques of shade matching, limitations associated with various techniques, as well as the importance of laboratory communication with the technicians. 

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