Obstacles Faced by Dental Postgraduates: A Gender-Based Analysis

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Suganya P, Gousalya V, Anita M, Charumathi Dhanushkodi, Savitha Lakshmi Raghavan


Introduction: Dental postgraduates face a variety of challenges during their advanced training. These obstacles can be broadly categorized into academic, financial, clinical, and personal challenges

Objectives: This study aims to assess the challenges faced by dental students during post graduation based on gender. This study investigates the experiences of dental postgraduate students in TamilNadu, with a focus on gender dynamics.

Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted among 140 participants, comprising 70 male and 70 female postgraduates. Questionnaires consists 10 items were distributed using a stratified random sampling method. Descriptive statistics were employed to analyze the data, utilizing IBM SPSS software. The findings shed light on the challenges and opportunities faced by dental postgraduates, offering insights into gender-based differences in their educational journey.

Results: There was a statistically significant association was found between inadequate time and personal health negligence with gender

Conclusions: In dental postgraduate education, women exhibit a strong determination to achieve success and independence, driven by their individual aspirations rather than external pressures. Despite facing obstacles, they remain resolute in their pursuit of becoming proficient professionals.

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