A Radiographic Comparison of External Apical Root Resorption After Retraction and Space Closure in 022 & 018 Self Ligating Bracket Systems, A Retrospective Clinical Study

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Maj Dileep Kumar Pandit, Anjali Nandanwar, Sonam Batra, Niharika Gahlod, Rishikesh K. Meshram, Nikhil R. Sathawane


Objective: Comparative assessment of external apical root resorption from pretraction to postretraction and space closure with sliding mechanics, a retrospective clinical study comparing 0.022 and 0.018 self ligating MBT bracket systems.

Materials and Methods: Retrospectively 28 patients were divided into 2 groups of 14 each based on bracket slot size. Group I: Self ligating (0.022” slot), mean age 19.14 ± 2.12 years; Group II : Self ligating (0.018”slot), mean age 19.71 ± 1.80 years. IOPA & OPG radiographs were collected at two intervals of time. T1: Preretraction & T2 : Postretraction. The preretraction and postretraction IOPA and OPG x-rays, were studied for assessment of external  apical root resorption (EARR).The data were analysed using SPSS 19.0 Version and an independent t test was utilized for comparing variance in mean score between two distinct groups.

Results: There was no statistically substantial variation between the two groups from T1 to T2 in terms of EARR in either of the arches. Group II: Self ligating (0.018”slot) showed more root resorption than Group I: Self ligating (0.022” slot) with maxillary lateral incisors showing the most in both the groups.

Conclusion: Statistically no significant difference was found in external apical root resorption, between 022 & 018 self ligating MBT bracket systems, from preretraction to postretraction & space closure with sliding mechanics.

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