Nasal Deformation and Palatal Perforation Due to Excessive use of Opioid Pain Reliever Through Nasal Spray- A Case Report

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Vinay Kakatkar, Monesh Sharma, Abhijit Tambe, Sneha Sharma, Ritu Sharma, Sonesh Sharma


Some undiagnosed idiopathic pains are source of constant irritability and impaired quality of life. Such patients are inadvertently prescribed opioid drugs by their physician for short duration of time. For faster pain relief, nasal spray is popular choice of drug delivery. Since opioid are addiction causing drug if used excessively without supervision, it has far reaching psychological and physical impact on patients. This case report presents a case of nasal deformation and palatal perforation found in young female referred from ENT Clinic to dental OPD with chief complaint of nasal regurgitation. Detailed history revealed aetiology to be chronic excessive use of narcotic pain reliever through nasal spray. Thus there is a need for awareness among patients and clinicians about etiopathogenesis of such deformity.

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